Advertising Opportunities 

Website Banner Advertising Pricing
Run of Site Standard Banner   210px 210px                                                    $150.00/month Run of Site
Double Banner    210px x 420px                                                                        $275.00/month Run of Site
Targeted Standard Banner 210px x 210px                                                       $100.00/month
Targeted Double Banner 210px x 420px                                                          $175.00/month

What You Give Us
1. File Specifications
The following file formats are accepted for online advertising:
• jpg
• gif
• png
* Size requirement for the above file formats should be no larger than 100k.­­
• swf
* Size requirement for the above file format should be no larger than 1mg. * For .swf, we recommend using the following clickTAG code: on(release) {getURL(_root.clickTag,”_blank”);}

2. URL Submission Supply the click-through URL that you wish to link to in your banner advertisement as well the banner ad alt-text when you forward your ad.

3. Submit Your Ad Email your file and information to

media banner sizes standard 210px x 210px media banner sizes double 210px x 420px
Download our Media Kit Here

Bag Tag Program

Pricing Per Tournament                   $500/tournament (one of 12 tournaments)
Exclusive Bag Tag Advertising        $3000 (all 12 tournaments)

weekendhockey Sept 30-tagmockup

Download our Media Kit Here

Brochure Advertising & Email Blasts
• Our Weekend Hockey brochures are distributed to our registered members and positioned in all major arenas as well as at our tournaments. Logo, Business card, half and full panel ad spots are available.
Logo                                                                                                                                 $50
Business Card Ad                                                                                                        $100
Half Panel Ad                                                                                                                $600
Full Panel Ad                                                                                                                 $900

Weekend Hockey Brochure

Download our Media Kit Here

Email Blast
• Reach out to our growing membership and deliver your target message in our monthly email newsletter

Monthly Advertising                                                                                                        $200/month

Download our Media Kit Here


Tournament Sponsor                                                                                                      $1000
• Official naming rights to be featured on all online and print media relating to the selected tournament

Division Sponsor                                                                                                               $200/division
• Featured logo position and special mention on Weekend Hockey website and Facebook page
• Company logo on online & printed schedule of events
• Company logo on sponsor banner

Download our Media Kit Here

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